BHA Squad 1



Bendigo Hawks: Squad 1

Squad 1 of Bendigo Hawks.

Coached by Tyson Jelbart & Carly Schintler.


Aims to futher stroke correction gained for previous Learn To Swim School and expanding the swimmers physical & mental skills while still having fun in the water.

Unlike 'Learn to Swim' Squad training purely focuses on enchancing your childs potential, taking them on a journey from Non-Competitive manner to eventually competiting in swimming races which differs from a 'Learn to Swim' enviroment which also focuses on  saftey around the pool.


        In this squad swimmers will:

Refine Freestyle & Backstroke techniques

Learn if not refine Breastroke technique

Introduce Butterfly technique and Racing skills



As well as Swimming at BHA, we also provide the opportunity for our swimmers to experience 'Dryland'. This is where swimmers do a series of body weight exercises (e.g. running, sit-ups, push-ups) to eventually enhance the participants swimming abilties

*If parents do not wish their child to do dryland for any cirumstance this is absolutley fine they will just swim instead


Training Schedule:






Swim Session: 4:00pm-5:00pm


No Training


Dryland Session: 4:00pm-4:30pm

Swim Session: 4:30pm-  5:00pm


No Training


Swim Session: 4:00pm-5:00pm


It is advised that swimmers attend training as much as possible (so they don't miss out) but in the circumstance of being unwell, away or other commitments etc. it would be very nice to let your coach know



rising Sun Hotel
Masters Victoria
Central Victoria Swimming